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The Best Time to Switch Your Winter Tires

Once the thermometer reads above 5 degrees most people are itching to get their winter tires off. As the snow continues to melt many individuals are running to the nearest dealership or shop to get their winter tires taken off. However, is their excitement for spring causing them to be premature on removing their snow tires?

Be sure you’re not jumping the gun. Look at the forecast, if snow is in it then you should not be getting your tires removed yet. As Canadians we’re familiar with cold temperatures and snow squalls into April. You do not want to be caught ill prepared when snow begins to fall in late March or early April. Unfortunately as Canadians, this is a reality.

Know where you are going to store your winter tires before you have them taken off. Some dealerships offer storage so you don’t have to worry about finding space in your garage. If you are going to store them in your garage ensure they’re kept in a dry, cool spot.

Once the weather has been consistently warm and the roads have been dry it’s time to remove your winter tires. Remember that winter tires are designed specifically for snow covered and slushy pavement. Therefore, ensure your winter tires are kept in great condition by having them taken off once it’s safe.

There is no designated date to have your winter tires removed. Since the weather varies across the country it depends on where you live. Once you notice the roads being dry and the temperatures being above zero consistently, it’s time! Call ahead to book an appointment as once you realize it’s safe to remove them, there will be a ton of people looking to have the same service done in your area.

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