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The first thing that is most likely to sustain damages in a car accident is the windshield. Even if there is a tiny crack in the glass, it can affect your entire windshield if it spreads; the crack can move into the deepest part of your windshield and into the plastic layer that is between the two glass layers.
If this happens, it’s important to find out if you need to repair or replace your windshield. The idea of repairing the windshield is appealing because it does not cost as much as replacement and most windshields today are designed to be repaired without issue.

Improvements in the industry have created a specialized resin that gets put into the damaged parts of the glass with a unique tool that is attached right on the glass to repair damages. While some damage might be fixed with this kind of repair, there is some damage that will not be fixed with this method. Windshield repair is just like first aid; if you don’t treat the affected area as soon as possible, it can cause even more damage and get a lot worse in condition.
It’s important to note that depending your insurance there is a chance they will not cover the entire cost of your windshield replacement. If you decide to go for repair instead of replacement, your insurance company will likely cover the whole cost of repair, which would save you much more money.

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