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5 Benefits You Can Expect From A Mobile Auto Glass Service!

Dreading the time it’ll take to get your damaged auto glass repaired?

You probably spend an enormous amount of your time in your vehicle rushing to the work, running errands, carpooling to your children’s activities or more. So, when you notice that irritating chip on your windshield, you might not have the time to drop everything else at once and head to the shop to have it fixed. Especially when the chip is not that distinctly visible to the eyes, it’s only likely that you put off the glass repair to save some time. This decision, however, can cost you in the long run, because the chip can spread into a large crack before you know it, and then you’ll be left with the only choice of replacing the windshield – a relatively expensive undertaking.

Staying Safe While Driving in the Rain

Now that Spring has finally arrived you can expect rain to be in the forecast. Although we take the utmost precaution while driving during the winter months, it’s also very important to be careful while driving through rain. Wet and slippery road conditions can create dangerous situations for motorists.

Heavy rain can cause issues with visibility and you may find that your tires begin to slide when the roads are soaked. If you look outside and it’s a torrential downpour, decide whether or not you need to leave at the exact time. If you have the option to stay home and off the roads until the storm passes, do so.

The Best Time to Switch Your Winter Tires

Once the thermometer reads above 5 degrees most people are itching to get their winter tires off. As the snow continues to melt many individuals are running to the nearest dealership or shop to get their winter tires taken off. However, is their excitement for spring causing them to be premature on removing their snow tires?

Be sure you’re not jumping the gun. Look at the forecast, if snow is in it then you should not be getting your tires removed yet. As Canadians we’re familiar with cold temperatures and snow squalls into April. You do not want to be caught ill prepared when snow begins to fall in late March or early April. Unfortunately as Canadians, this is a reality.

Car Maintenance Checklist

We are the first to complain the minute our car begins to act up. However, are we to blame? Do you keep up with regular car maintenance? This means going beyond your regular oil change to ensure your car is running efficiently.

When you go to have your oil change ask them to check the power steering fluid. It may need topped off. Power steering fluid allows your car’s steering to stay stable. Talk to a technician if you are experiencing any resistance while trying to turn the wheel.

You may experience battery issues in the winter due to extreme cold, however it’s important to know that every 48-60 months your vehicle may require a new battery. The investment of an extended battery life is worth it in the long run!

Spring Cleaning For Your Vehicle

Chances are you haven’t cleaned your car very often this winter. Simply put, it’s too cold outside to spend time vacuuming and washing. So when Spring rolls around and the sun finally comes out of hibernation, it’s time to get your vehicle back in tip top shape!

Begin by getting rid of all the roll up the rim to win cups you’ve been collecting and any other trash that has accumulated in the back seat. After you’ve gotten rid of all the garbage in your car remove any unnecessary clothing or winter gear such as snow brushes. Your car should be empty other than the necessities such as your survival kit, GPS, and other must have accessories.


Windshield and auto glass damage happens to many Canadians on a daily basis. Speers Auto Glass serves the Hamilton, Burlington, Mississauga West, Milton, and Oakville areas. Auto Glass repair is necessary to guarantee you’re safety while driving. A broken windshield, or auto glass on your vehicle can be dangerous, and obstruct your view while driving. Speers Auto Glass is equipped and experienced to fix your windshield, vent glass, front door window, sunroof, rear door window, quarter glass, and back window. We pay up to 100% deductible, offer many different makes and models in our inventory, offer 24 hour mobile service, and a lifetime warranty.

Depending on the damage, you can either bring your car into the shop, or have us come to you. If you do come to the shop, we guarantee your car will be fixed as quickly as possible since we value your time.

Insurance Claims

Your auto glass repair or replacement may be covered completely by your insurance policy, it may even be offered at a zero dollar deductible. The first step you should take if your vehicle has sustained damage is contact your auto insurance carrier. Filing a windshield repair claim most likely will not raise your rates or deductible. Most insurance companies do not consider auto glass claims as actual claims.

Free services are advertised as being costless for customers as the insurance company is paying the auto glass repair company for the service. Any chip repair is offered for free as long as you have car insurance. The insurance company will cover the cost, and pay the auto glass shop for the repair. Since insurance covers the cost of the repair, you will pay nothing.

Benefits of Tinted Windows

While most cars are built with the standard transparent window panes by the respective manufacturers, more and more people are opting into having their windows tinted.

Benefits of Having a Sunroof

A sunroof is a wonderful way to give your car a facelift, enhance it’s overall appearance and increase it’s monetary value.

Damaged Windshield? Let Your Insurance Cover The Cost

When free auto-glass repair or replacements are advertised, it is assumed that you are covered by your auto insurance. Whether it is a minor repair or full replacement of a windshield, there will be no cost to you, the consumer, given that you are covered by your auto insurance. We take the hassle out of the equation and deal with your insurance company directly. Most importantly, because your auto-insurance covers the cost of the repair or replacement, you will pay absolutely nothing.

How to Clean Your Car Windows and Windshield

Windows can become dirty, spotted, and as a result obstruct your view. Even after attempting to clean your windows you may see that streaks have been left behind and your efforts have failed. With numerous factors affecting our windshields such as bugs, fingerprints, greasy sports, sap, and more, it can be a challenge to maintain sparkling auto glass. Depending on the season, weather such as rain and snow can also leave behind irritating residue.

Tips to Minimize Windshield Damage

Unfortunately, we cannot be in control of every variable we face on the road. Exposure to extreme weather, poor road conditions, and proximity to heavy-vehicles are three of the primary causes of damaged windshields, and drivers typically have limited control over these factors. Even the most defensive driver has been caught in a storm, boxed in by transport trucks on the highway, or forced down a gravel road by the insistent automaton voice of a GPS system. Though some things are out of our hands, there are some preventative measures and good driving habits we can adopt to steer clear of windshield damage headaches.

How a Chipped Windshield Changes Used Car Sales

Chipped windshields represent very different things depending on whether you are a car owner, or a car buyer. As an owner, this minor nuisance can be rectified without too much hassle, especially if the problem is identified and treated early. However, as a buyer without concrete knowledge of how or when the damage occurred, a tiny chip can be cause for a big headache.

The Dangers of Texting and Driving

Being in constant connection with those in our lives has become the norm. Texting, calling, or video seem to always be on the go. With cell phone use in cars becoming increasingly popular, the consequences and dangers are rising as well.

Safest Cars on the Road

When purchasing a new vehicle what are you looking for? A certain colour, style, a newer car, or used car? Are you concerned with the need for speed or are you concerned with your and your passengers safety in the event of an accident? For those seeking safety, read on!

Striving for a Safe and Squeaky-Clean Windshield 

Ensuring that your windshield is clean and in good working condition is one of the fundamental safety checks you should undertake before operating your vehicle. Dramatic images of shattered glass and gusting highway winds usually force drivers to take damaged windshields seriously, but the importance of cleanliness is often understated. A clean windshield is crucial. Significant build-up of bugs, salt streaks, and dirt can reduce visibility to an unsafe degree, putting everyone on the road at risk. Read on for some tips to help you find some at-home solutions for a safe and squeaky-clean windshield

How to Safely De-Ice Your Windshield

Rushing out the front door to find a fully-frosted car can make a winter commute even more stressful. Pressed for time and still half-asleep, many people’s first instinct is to fight ice with heat. They rush inside, brew a cup of hot water, and come stumbling back through the snow with an icy windshield in their crosshairs. Dumping that cup of hot water onto a frozen windshield in the dead of winter would only make a bad morning worse, however. The sudden temperature change and resulting expansion could crack your window, before the rapidly-cooling liquid adds insult to injury by freezing into another layer of ice. Fortunately, there are simpler and gentler solutions available. Read on for three easy steps to safely de-ice your windshield.

Wearing Your Seatbelt

We’ve heard it time and time again, and it has also been proven time and time again. Seatbelts save lives. The seatbelt is the single most effective safety device for preventing injuries and death. Just by buckling up your seatbelt, your chances of injuries during a crash are reduced by half.

Child Safety In The Car

As a parent you have the very important task of keeping your baby or child safe while in a vehicle. Every year thousands of young children are injured or killed in car accidents. By implementing the proper use of  a car seat to keep your child safe you can save their life.

Maintenance Habits to Keep Auto Glass Happy & Whole

There is a well-known cost and hassle hierarchy when it comes to automotive glass maintenance: it is cheaper to repair than to replace, and cheaper to prevent than to repair. The following articles subscribes to the notion that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and these tips aim to help car owners keep their vehicle’s glass in top shape year-round. 

How to Remove Ford Wiper Arms for Windshield Cleaning

Whether you are planning to overhaul your Ford’s wiper linkage system, or simply looking for a way to bypass your wiper arms for a deeper windshield cleaning, knowing how to properly remove a standardized wiper arm is critical. Ford outfits all of their models with the same stock wiper arm regardless of year or model type, which increases the value of the following information for all Ford owners. Specialized tools and training sessions are not required to handle this procedure. Simply work alongside the following instructions and you will be finished in no time! 

How to Save Money on Auto Insurance

Ask your insurance company about qualifying discounts. Every company offers different discounts so make sure you are ask what programs your company offers. There are discounts for people who have taken driving classes, discounts for no accidents or tickets, seniors discounts and even college discounts. 

What to Look For When Test Driving a New Car

Test driving a new car is an exciting moment, but don’t let the excitement overwhelm you from paying attention to important aspects of the vehicle. Here are some things to add to your checklist of what to do before a test drive.

Winter Windshield Care Tips

Your windshield is probably going to take a beating this winter! Cold weather seriously increases the likelihood of windshield cracks. Under a constant barrage of roadside salt, slush, and ice pellets, you can at least expect some serious struggles with visibility if you are fortunate enough to avoid any structural damage. Read on for some surefire ways to keep your windshield safe in freezing weather conditions.

4 Ways to Get Your Vehicle Winter-Ready 

Canadian residents are no strangers to the bitter realities of winter in the Great White North. Even as excitement for the holidays continues to build, many of us are dreading the numb scraper-wielding hands, cold coffees, and shovel-sore backs that the winter brings. For motorists, the Canadian winter presents some serious challenges. Icy roads, freezing gas lines, and poor visibility await us. Read on for some simple strategies to help get your vehicle winter-ready. 

Checking Used Cars for Accident and Windshield Damage

The used automotive industry is thriving today as more and more people are starting to prioritize functionality and affordability over blank odometers and new-car smells. Though used car dealers have been the butt of snake-oil salesman jokes for years, many of the bad deals that used car buyers end up with are negotiated outside of commercial lots using free online classified listings or other informal channels.

3 Tips to Keep your Valuables Away from Vandals

Travelers typically use their vehicle as far more than simple conveyance. For many of us, our car becomes a mobile office, a four-door storage closet, and a cluttered storage unit. When you live on the go or commute long distances, it can feel most comfortable to carry an assortment of snacks, items, and electronics in tow.


Road Safety Tips to Minimize Automotive Damages

Whether you are embarking your first solo drive after a nerve-wracking road test, or have been driving for 20 years accident-free, you can still benefit from Speers Auto Glass road safety tips. Though windshield damage can happen to anybody caught in the wrong place at the wrong time, many clients walk into our shop looking sheepish because they know proper driving habits could have saved them the trouble. Reduce your chances of having to spend your valuable time and money on unnecessary auto repairs with Speers’ road safety tips.


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