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The most important decision you can make when it comes to a damaged windshield is whether you should repair or replace your windshield. In addition to being dangerous to drive with a broken and damaged windshield, it is also illegal and can land you a ticket if you’re pulled over. Whether it is your door, back or side glass that is damaged, driving with broken and damaged glass of any kind is not the best decision as the glass parts of your car make up the structural foundation of your car.

Getting the right glass for your car make, model and year is important! we will offer you the option of replacing your car glass with original or aftermarket glass, explain the differences and options and quote you the lowest possible price. Many of our clients came because we priced them in average 30% below the other auto glass shops in Oakville, but the same customers referred their friends to us because we provided a great service. Book at appointment now 905-339-0339.

When replacing your vehicle’s damaged glass, aftermarket glass is the best option because it’s significantly cheaper and works and looks just like the original glass. Car leasing dealerships always welcome aftermarket glass when you are returning your car at the end of your lease term. Also, insurance companies will only approve and pay for aftermarket glass. Highways are covered in rocks that could possibly damage your windshield with a chip or a crack so it is not economically sound to put forth too much money into the replacement of your windshield and other glass parts of your car. It’s important to note, however that if you request the original or OEM glass, repair shops can provide it for you with no hesitation.

When you are considering what to do with your damaged windshield, one factor to consider is whether the damage is located at the edge of the windshield. If so, this kind of damage usually spreads very quickly and destroys the integrity of the whole glass piece. Windshields that have damage to the edge of the glass must be repaired as soon as possible as the sooner it’s done, the more likely that your windshield can be saved. Most of the repair techniques offered today can’t repair the cracks that occur within the view of the driver’s line of sight because residual damage can still be seen on the glass. If this is the case, a replacement of the entire windshield is the best choice for you.

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