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Staying Safe While Driving in the Rain

Now that Spring has finally arrived you can expect rain to be in the forecast. Although we take the utmost precaution while driving during the winter months, it’s also very important to be careful while driving through rain. Wet and slippery road conditions can create dangerous situations for motorists.

Heavy rain can cause issues with visibility and you may find that your tires begin to slide when the roads are soaked. If you look outside and it’s a torrential downpour, decide whether or not you need to leave at the exact time. If you have the option to stay home and off the roads until the storm passes, do so.

If you do not have the option of staying home there are several practices you can follow in order to ensure your safety while on the road.

Before you pull out of the driveway, turn your headlights on. A majority of people assume they turn on automatically, however if it’s daylight the sensor will not turn them on. Check to make sure they’re illuminated before you pull out.

Slow down! It may take you longer, but your safety is what matters most. It takes much longer to come to a complete stop on a wet road than a dry road. If you’re driving on the highway make sure you’re giving the car ahead of you substantial space in case you need to brake quickly. This will prevent you from getting into a fender bender with the car you’re following behind.

If you are driving on a road that has insufficient water drainage, you may experience hydroplaning. Hydroplaning happens when your car’s tires run into so much water that the car is unable to clear all of it. The water then lifts the tire off the road and you may begin to experience limited steering.

If your car begins to hydroplane, simply ease off the gas and do not slam on the brakes. Let your car slow down and keep your steering wheel pointed straight. Once your car has gotten through the water successfully you can begin to accelerate and regain control.


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