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Car Maintenance Checklist

We are the first to complain the minute our car begins to act up. However, are we to blame? Do you keep up with regular car maintenance? This means going beyond your regular oil change to ensure your car is running efficiently.

When you go to have your oil change ask them to check the power steering fluid. It may need topped off. Power steering fluid allows your car’s steering to stay stable. Talk to a technician if you are experiencing any resistance while trying to turn the wheel.

You may experience battery issues in the winter due to extreme cold, however it’s important to know that every 48-60 months your vehicle may require a new battery. The investment of an extended battery life is worth it in the long run!

When was the last time you replaced your air filter? Your engine relies on sufficient air. This air must be clean! Without an optimal filter, your car cannot provide the necessary air flow it needs. Replace your air filter once a year or as recommended by a technician.

If your car is automatic the transmission fluid is extremely important. What this fluid does it resist friction and maintains proper function of your vehicle. This fluid should be replaced or topped off every 2 years or as advised by your technician.

Tire patterns can tell you when it’s time to buy a new set. A tread depth gauge can indicate whether it’s time for your tires to be replaced. Your car should have a new set of tires every 6-10 years unless your auto technician suggests otherwise!

One of the most important functions of your car is the brakes. Do not neglect to keep up with brake maintenance as it can prevent you from being involved in an accident. Check the fluid level and alter it. If you find your brake pads are becoming tired visit your technician. Your fluid should be changed every 2 years and your technician will advise you on when you need to replace your brake pads!

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