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4 Ways to Get Your Vehicle Winter-Ready

Canadian residents are no strangers to the bitter realities of winter in the Great White North. Even as excitement for the holidays continues to build, many of us are dreading the numb scraper-wielding hands, cold coffees, and shovel-sore backs that the winter brings. For motorists, the Canadian winter presents some serious challenges. Icy roads, freezing gas lines, and poor visibility await us. Read on for some simple strategies to help get your vehicle winter-ready.

  • Invest in winter tires. The province of Quebec recently pushed legislation that obligated all winters drivers to invest in snow tires, which resulted in a 20% decrease in the number of collisions that year. Winter tire tread can make all the difference between a minor skid and a major collision. Do not neglect your tires!
  • Put your battery to the test. Contemporary production methods and materials are extending battery life significantly, but cold weather can be tough on the best of batteries. If your vehicle is over three years old, you will want to test your battery. This procedure is typically free or offered at a very low cost as part of automotive shop’s seasonal maintenance packages. It is always better to find you need a new battery on your own terms, rather than by surprise in the dead of a freezing winter night in the middle of an empty parking lot.
  • Whip your wipers into shape. Windshield wipers have a limited lifespan. It doesn’t matter what top-tier brand you invest in – regardless, you will need to replace your wiper blades every 18 to 24 months. Visibility is one of the most important components of safe driving, and your vision will be challenged already as you roll through heavy snow storms. You should also find some time to apply a light lubricant to the base of your wiper arm to ensure ease of function and a maximal range of motion.
  • Don’t neglect your winter roadside kit. Roadside kits are often victims of overkill, as people stuff their car with a collection of tools and amenities that would see them through a global apocalypse. Don’t overburden yourself, but don’t neglect the important things, either. Everyone should have a full bottle of washer fluid, a portable snow shovel, warm gloves, an ice-scraper of reasonable quality, emergency reflectors, a charged flashlight, traction matting or a kitty-litter style substitute, and a first aid kit.


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