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Winter Windshield Care Tips

Your windshield is probably going to take a beating this winter! Cold weather seriously increases the likelihood of windshield cracks. Under a constant barrage of roadside salt, slush, and ice pellets, you can at least expect some serious struggles with visibility if you are fortunate enough to avoid any structural damage. Read on for some surefire ways to keep your windshield safe in freezing weather conditions.

  • Steer clear of sudden temperate changes. It may seem like a tempting shortcut to drop some boiling water onto your windshield to speed up the thawing process and save yourself the scraping, but these kinds of sudden temperature changes can cause serious damage. Even blasting hot air on a cold day can encourage windshield cracks, so try to resist the urge to rush your heater, and let your windshield warm up slowly instead.
  • Only use a proper purpose-built ice scraper. When met in the mornings with a thick layer of ice on your windshield, it can be tempting to seek out a stronger scraping alternative, like a metal knife or spatula, but these will scratch and chip your windshield. A plastic scraper is a cheap investment, and there are some heavy-duty models out there that can get even the biggest jobs done without putting your windshield at risk. If you are concerned about how you will handle heavy ice, consider purchasing a spray-bottle of de-icing solution to help melt and weaken ice coverage on your windshield.
  • Keep your glass as clean as possible. A very common cause of windshield scratching is when wiper blade or ice scrapers are used on grit-speckled windshields. The force generated by your wiper and scraper grinds the grit into your windshield, leaving a nasty scratch behind. Keep your windshield as clean as you can to avoid these accidental damages.
  • Stay on top of windshield repairs. If you have been neglecting to fix an old summertime scratch or chip, now is the time to take action. Drastic temperature changes will cause cracks to length and chips to deepen, putting your windshield at risk of breaking, and costing you a significant replacement fee. 

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