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Striving for a Safe and Squeaky-Clean Windshield

 Ensuring that your windshield is clean and in good working condition is one of the fundamental safety checks you should undertake before operating your vehicle. Dramatic images of shattered glass and gusting highway winds usually force drivers to take damaged windshields seriously, but the importance of cleanliness is often understated. A clean windshield is crucial. Significant build-up of bugs, salt streaks, and dirt can reduce visibility to an unsafe degree, putting everyone on the road at risk. Read on for some tips to help you find some at-home solutions for a safe and squeaky-clean windshield.


The first step in your cleaning effort involves proper preparation. Be sure that you have all of the components needed for a good clean before you begin. Unsuitable cleaning solutions or improper drying technique may leave sight-distorting streaks on your windshield after all of your hard work.

Most gear-heads have their favourite formula of glass-cleaner. Many options exist, from simple soap-and-water solutions to heavy-duty ammonia cleaners. When using ammonia, be mindful of any spills, as vinyl, leather, or rubber surfaces will be damaged. Spray-bottle cleaners are the most popular options, and are recommended because of the high degree of application control that they offer.

You will also need a soft long-handled brush like you would find at a local car-wash. A towel, preferably microfiber, is also recommended.

Of course, you will also need lots of water!

How to proceed

Before you apply any cleaning agents to your windshield, you must first loosen up the grime that has accumulated over time. Take your long-handled brush and scrub your windshield down with water using straight vertical or horizontal strokes. Once you have scrubbed a significant amount of the grime free and given your windshield a good rinse, you are ready for the next step.

Once you have loosened the grime, you can apply your chosen cleaning solution. Spray your cleaner onto one side of your microfiber towel, and wipe down your windshield with long, broad strokes that work from one side of the pane to the other. Avoid choppy or erratic motions, as these will leave streaks. When done correctly, there should be no leftover residue. Your level of perfectionism is left up to you, but it is recommended that you repeat the process until you get it right to maximize visibility.

Now, simply let your windshield dry, and you’re done!

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