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Spring Cleaning for Your Vehicle

Chances are you haven’t cleaned your car very often this winter. Simply put, it’s too cold outside to spend time vacuuming and washing. So when Spring rolls around and the sun finally comes out of hibernation, it’s time to get your vehicle back in tip top shape!

Begin by getting rid of all the roll up the rim to win cups you’ve been collecting and any other trash that has accumulated in the back seat. After you’ve gotten rid of all the garbage in your car remove any unnecessary clothing or winter gear such as snow brushes. Your car should be empty other than the necessities such as your survival kit, GPS, and other must have accessories.

Vacuum your entire car out. There will be a gross amount of salt and dirt that needs to be removed in order to leave your car feeling squeaky clean. Due to the salt all over your carpet and upholstery you will also need to use a heavy duty scrub brush and automotive carpet cleaner. Scrub the salt stains out of your carpet to give your vehicle a spring renewal!

Wipe down your dash and windex the inside of your windshield in case you left marks from trying to wipe away moisture to see out during the winter.

Wash your floor mats to eliminate all of the dirt and grime that has built up over the winter months. If you have access to a power washer this tool will get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Lastly, give your car’s exterior a thorough wash to make it look shiny and new!

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