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Road Safety Tips to Minimize Automotive Damages

Whether you are embarking your first solo drive after a nerve-wracking road test, or have been driving for 20 years accident-free, you can still benefit from Speers Auto Glass road safety tips. Though windshield damage can happen to anybody caught in the wrong place at the wrong time, many clients walk into our shop looking sheepish because they know proper driving habits could have saved them the trouble. Reduce your chances of having to spend your valuable time and money on unnecessary auto repairs with Speers’ road safety tips.

  • Fuel up before you hit the road. Hopefully, nobody needs to be reminded about fueling up their vehicle before a long drive. However, many make the mistake of neglecting to fuel themselves. Always have a healthy meal and ensure you are well-rested and fully hydrated before a long road trip. This will keep you alert and able to make good decisions for the duration of your trip.

  • Take breaks. Refresh yourself with frequent breaks from driving, whether you decide to pull over and relax or have a friend take the wheel for a stint. Fight off your highway hypnosis with frequent time off.

  • Watch the skies. Keep your eyes on the road for the most part, but also make an effort to plan for inclement weather. Poor visibility, traction, and the ever-present threat of getting caught behind a salt truck are some common windshield antagonizers. Even a lengthy detour can save you time in the long run if it means avoiding bad weather conditions.

  • No distractions allowed. This means no cell phones, especially if you want to avoid pricey new cell phone safety legislation. However, this also refers to the use of maps while driving, whether you use a GPS or the physical fold-out variety. Almost without fail, taking your attention off the road and wheel to read a text or consult a map starts your car drifting out of its lane. Furthermore, you are blind for that split-second. A split second could be the difference between tail-gating that fateful windshield-wrecking gravel truck or giving it enough distance to save your windshield!

These simple and intuitive tips will keep you alert, well-rested, and well-positioned to avoid the worst the road has to offer. Speers Auto Glass wishes you a safe and happy trip!

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