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How to Remove Ford Wiper Arms for Windshield Cleaning

Whether you are planning to overhaul your Ford’s wiper linkage system, or simply looking for a way to bypass your wiper arms for a deeper windshield cleaning, knowing how to properly remove a standardized wiper arm is critical. Ford outfits all of their models with the same stock wiper arm regardless of year or model type, which increases the value of the following information for all Ford owners. Specialized tools and training sessions are not required to handle this procedure. Simply work alongside the following instructions and you will be finished in no time!


Step 1 – Get the wiper blade in position.


The first step to a safe wiper arm removal involves setting the blade in the proper position so that you can access the necessary mechanisms. Pull the blade up from the windshield so that the arm is at full extension pointing out from the windshield like a spike. This should expose the base of the arm where it is held in place.


Step 2 – Find and trigger the latch


With your wiper arm in the proper position, the base and latch should be exposed for handling. If you run your hand down the length of the wiper arm, you will make contact with a pivot mechanism located at the base. This is easily identifiable as the mechanism that keeps the arm attached to the vehicle. If there is a latch present on the side of the pivot mechanism, simply trigger it to free the arm from its place. If the latch is particularly tight or difficult to access, you can use a flathead screwdriver to pry it open and add some muscle to the job. It is recommended that you use a short-handled screwdriver, as you will be working in cose quarters, and a smaller tool will provide you with a stronger lever to work with. If you do not see a latch, proceed to step 3.


Step 3 – Pry open the retaining clip


The retaining clip must first be located. This is easy to do once you have identified the pivot mechanism. The retaining clip is found at the base of the arm just above the point where it feeds into the pivot mechanism. Simply position the screwdriver’s tip between the retaining clip and pivot mechanism, and pry it free. Angle the retaining clip away from the arm to free it for removal. Be sure not to bend the arm when pulling it free, and never force it out of position, as bent wipers will not properly clean your windshield and will require replacement.


Step 4 – Wash your windshield!

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