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Damaged Windshield? Let Your Insurance Cover The Cost

When free auto-glass repair or replacements are advertised, it is assumed that you are covered by your auto insurance. Whether it is a minor repair or full replacement of a windshield, there will be no cost to you, the consumer, given that you are covered by your auto insurance. We take the hassle out of the equation and deal with your insurance company directly. Most importantly, because your auto-insurance covers the cost of the repair or replacement, you will pay absolutely nothing.

Please note that it is your responsibility to consult your auto-insurance to make sure they cover glass damage. Advise your insurance company whether it will be a chip repair or windshield replacement. The cost differs between the two, and they may waive your deductible. Postponing the repair of a chip in the windshield will only make matters worse. To prevent the chip from spreading into long streaks across the windshield, bring your vehicle in for repair immediately.
If you are hesitant about filing a claim to your insurance company about a damaged windshield, don’t be. Typically, windshield damage is not the driver’s fault, thus you can file the claim as a “no fault” claim. Filing this type of claim will ensure that your insurance does not increase. Due to the fact that different insurance companies withhold different policies, please consult your insurance carrier for more details about their policies.

In order to prevent further damage to your windshield, you should bring in your vehicle to be repaired immediately. The longer the repair is postponed, the higher the likelihood is of the crack expanding. At Speers Auto Glass, we take pride in making windshield repair and replacement a hassle-free process for you. We will work directly with your insurance company by taking care of all the paperwork. Saving you time and money, Speers Auto Glass is your number one choice for windshield repair and replacement.

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