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Checking Used Cars for Accident and Windshield Damage

The used automotive industry is thriving today as more and more people are starting to prioritize functionality and affordability over blank odometers and new-car smells. Though used car dealers have been the butt of snake-oil salesman jokes for years, many of the bad deals that used car buyers end up with are negotiated outside of commercial lots using free online classified listings or other informal channels. As a buyer in these unregulated dealings, the onus is on you to enter into the deal equipped with the knowledge to keep things fair. Most used car rip-offs happen when the buyer unknowingly pays a premium for a car with hidden accident damage. With this in mind, Speers Auto Glass experts would like to equip you with some practical tips to help check used cars for accident and windshield damage to ensure that you are getting the best possible bargain.

1. Take the initiative to obtain a vehicle history report.

Even if the seller neglects to do so, you can find your own vehicle history report using one of the many history research companies available online. Companies like CarFax can send you a thorough list of the vehicle’s history, including all past owners, insurance information, and details about any accidents or claims filed against the vehicle in question. This will help you focus your attention on suspect areas of the vehicle during your inspection.

2. Seek out cracks and scratches on the fender and bumper.

Check out both ends of the vehicle to try to spot any damages or patched areas. Damaged or patched fenders and bumpers indicate some kind of collision has occurred, and alerts you that there may be more serious accident damage to the vehicle elsewhere.

Inspect the windshields.

Take a good look at every window pane on the vehicle you are thinking of buying. If you note cracks, chips, or webbing, then you should seriously reevaluate your decision to purchase this vehicle. Windshield damage affects visibility and general road safety, and fixing these problems can cost you serious money. If you still really want this car, you should negotiate with the seller to see if they will pay for a repair, or even a replacement if the damages are serious enough. 

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