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3 Tips to Keep your Valuables Away from Vandals

Travelers typically use their vehicle as far more than simple conveyance. For many of us, our car becomes a mobile office, a four-door storage closet, and a cluttered storage unit. When you live on the go or commute long distances, it can feel most comfortable to carry an assortment of snacks, items, and electronics in tow.

When your car becomes a home away from home on the road, you need to take extra precautions to protect yourself from vandalism. Speers Auto Glass experts have seen countless cases of smashed windshields and side windows that could have been prevented had the driver not left their valuables and vehicle so vulnerable. In hopes of reducing the likelihood of your vandalism victimization, Speers Auto Glass has assembled 3 simple tips to discourage criminals from targeting your vehicle. Read on to learn more!

  • Hide your valuables before reaching your destination, or at least before exiting the vehicle. Ideally, everything you plan to leave behind in your vehicle should be concealed before you pull into your destination. Attendants and passersby who are weighing the risk and reward of theft will be eyeing your vehicle the second it pulls in to the hotel lot, valet queue, or parking garage. If you pull in to your spot and then go through the motions of hiding all of your valuables in your trunk, you are broadcasting to all criminally-minded people nearby the presence and whereabouts of your valuables.

  • Choose your parking wisely. Try to find a spot that has generous sight-lines. If your car is “out of sight” of its surroundings, know that it is also “out of safety.” Some of the best parking spots that you can choose are in airport lots within view of exit toll booths and on streets in sight of stores with high foot traffic. In parking lots, park with your trunk facing out so that thieves cannot use the cover of your car’s body to hide their breaking and entering.

  • A tidy car is a poor target. Cluttered vehicles brimming with jackets, towels, blankets, and other detritus will look like a juicy target to a thief. To a criminal, this cluttered car interior looks like a rushed attempt to conceal valuables. A tidy car that appears to be empty and in order looks much less tempting.

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